Iran: "There will be no negotiations with the United States," says the guide


The Iranian supreme leader on Tuesday ruled out any possibility of negotiations with the United States at a time when the US president says he is willing to meet his Iranian counterpart while threatening Tehran.

"In the unanimous opinion of all the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there will be no negotiations with the United States at any level," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, according to his website official internet.

The White House said Sunday that Trump did not rule out the possibility of meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rohani despite accusations by some US officials that Tehran is responsible for the drone attacks that targeted oil installations on Saturday. Saudi Arabia.

The Iranian president and other officials of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly said in recent times that any meeting between MM. Trump and Rohani were excluded as long as the United States maintained the economic sanctions that they imposed or reimposed on Iran since August 2018.

On Monday, the United States said it was preparing a response after attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Claimed by Yemeni rebels Houthis, whom Tehran says they support politically, these attacks have aroused fears of a military clash with Iran, blamed more or less directly by Washington and Ryad.

"It seems" that Tehran is behind the attacks, but "for now I want to know for sure who is responsible," said Trump.

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