Industria del Valle continues to grow more than the rest of the country


The performance of the manufacturing sector of Valle del Cauca shows better results than that of the country, according to the balance presented by the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane).

Both in July and during the first seven months of the year the figures are more attractive in the Valley. While real regional industry production grew 4.3% in July and real sales increased 6.5%, nationwide real production rose 3.5% and real sales 5.3%, according to the report of the state agency

Between January and July there are also better results in the Valley.

For the director of the Dane, Juan Daniel Oviedo, three productive sectors boosted the regional industry over that of the country. Textiles, clothing and leather grew in its production by 24.5%. Chemical products rose 9.6% and wood and furniture increased their production by 4.7%. It also affected the line of paper and printing, which showed an increase of 2.2% in the month of July.

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“The figures of the production of industry and commerce that we saw in July reaffirm that the Government's plans to promote the growth of these two important sectors for the economy are working. Therefore, we are committed to working hand in hand with the actors of the productive sector to strengthen the confidence of industrialists, consumers and other economic sectors, ”said the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Juan Manuel Restrepo.

What happened in other departments?

In July, the real production in Risaralda (which grew 15.7%), Boyacá (14.7%), Atlántico (8.2%), Santander (8%) and Córdoba (6.2%) stood out .

On the external front, there was an increase in industrial exports of 0.8% in the first seven months, which also boosted the productive apparatus.

Nationally, as reported by the Dane, the manufacture of bodies for motor vehicles and trailers grew 71.6%. It was the branch of activity with the best performance in July, followed by the manufacture of other types of transport equipment, which grew 24.6% and the manufacture of travel goods, handbags and similar leather goods (14.3 %).

Among the sectors that fell in its production are: the basic industries of precious and non-ferrous metals (23.0%), tanning and retanning of leather (21.6%) and manufacturing of machinery (10.2%).

On trade

In the seventh month of the year, real retail sales in the country grew 8.5%.

For example, sales of computer and telecommunication equipment grew
cations for personal or domestic use (24%); motor vehicles (12%); Household cleaning products (11.7%) and other merchandise for personal use (10.8%).

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