In his debut, Aldo could take DIM to the semifinals


To begin with a gradual difficulty a challenge that is assumed or to start with the pressure to the fullest?

It all depends on the perspective. The truth is Aldo Bobadilla He had no choice, the context he chose for him and today he will debut before Caldas in the Medellín bench with the obligation of a good result to qualify for the semifinal of the Águila Cup.

Otherwise, the red box will suffer another blow that can further compromise the sporting and even administrative future of the club, because it must be remembered that the Copa title gives place to Copa Libertadores, which would be a good economic injection for the institution.

Yesterday the Paraguayan coach met with the referents of the squad: David González, Germán Cano, Adrián Arregui, Didier Moreno Y Andrés Cadavid. And although the Paraguayan argued that it was another meeting to know the physical details of each one, they surely made clear among them all a road map to help straighten the red path. Bobadilla, who served as a group leader when he was a footballer, knows the importance of referents, especially in times of emotional constraint.

And since there is no time for the team to have significant changes from football in just two days of work, the fundamental thing, for now, is to find emotional incentives.

With the passage of the games Bobadilla ensures that the disenchanted red fan will see a team “different in order, which will have balance in all lines and always aim at the rival goal. In a month we would see an identity of the team of Aldo Bobadilla"He said.

The series against the Manizalites march 2-3 in favor of the cast of Antioquia thanks to the victory two weeks ago at the Palogrande with goals from Yesid Díaz, Arregui and Cano.

The team that guides the Cartagena Hubert Bodher comes from falling 0-1 by League, in his visit to the Pasture. In general, the white team does not have an outstanding performance as a visitor in the semester. Record is 2 losses, three draws and a single victory.

He scored two goals and received three, bad antecedents of offensive effectiveness considering that in the Athanasius he must win with two goals ahead if he wants to qualify directly and avoid the random definition by penalties.

Overcoming the key to Caldas would relieve the current situation a bit. It would also be an important record for the club that hardly has two classifications to that instance. And what Bobadilla needs is to add positive facts quickly, because although he states that as of this week only the future is talked about, he inevitably drags the debts left by the previous efforts.

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