IBM introduces Z15, a super computer with more than 3,000 patents –


IBM has presented this week to z15, a large computer for business use that is defined as the safest, specially designed to preserve the privacy and security of data in any cloud.

It has been 4 years of work that have resulted in a computer with more than 3,000 patents, capable of transaction, protection and savings in an innovative way.

They tell us from IBM that the System z systems are responsible for making from aircraft reservations to cashier withdrawals. They are present in many companies, giving weather forecasts or making bank transactions. They work in cloud environments and with Artificial Intelligence, and the evolution of this series was fundamental (the System z are used by 60% of the companies belonging to Fortune 100).

The z15 can do more than 30 billion transactions per day and execute up to 1 billion web transactions per day, which means that a single z15 server could handle 87% of all credit card transactions per year. There are 29 billion transactions at ATMs every year and four billion annual passenger flights.

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The strengths of z15, as we can see in the note, are

• Extensive encryption: Use a technology called Data Privacy Passports, so that companies have more control of the data. At any time data access permissions can be given and removed, both within the z15 and in the multicloud hybrid environment of the companies.

• Native development in the cloud: Ideal to modernize the set of apps for each company, and create new ones in the cloud, and integrate them.

• Instant recovery: The total capacity of the system can be accessed in a limited time, to accelerate the shutdown or restart, always thinking of limiting the cost of inactivity.

An impressive monster of which there is only one thing they have not disclosed: its price, although you can request a demo on its website.


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