"I was an idiot," said Daniiel Medvedev


"I was an idiot": Daniiel Medvedev regretted Sunday his behavior two days earlier in the 3rd round of the US Open which earned him to be booed by the American public for two games.

"I've done things I'm not proud of and I'm working on to become a better man on the court because I really believe I'm a good person outside the court", said the Russian in a kind of act of contrition.

On Friday in his third round against Feliciano Lopez, he began to behave badly with a ball-gatherer who handed him his briefcase between two points. The Russian, who did not want it, snatched it from his hands and threw it in his face. The referee then gave him a warning and this time it was his racket that Medvedev threw at his chair. The sequence ended with an obscene gesture that the public could see on the big screen …

Winner, he assured the public that his whistles gave him the energy to qualify in the 8th finals. He was fined $ 9,000 for this evening.

Sunday at his 8th victorious, he has mastered his nerves against Dominik Koepfer, but the public has not the less hissed.

And he reiterated his provocations: "I lost 2-6, 0-2, I was in pain and I took as much pain as possible … and it's still thanks to you that I won. Thank you !"he said.

"During my match, I was absolutely focused, he explained later in a press conference. After the game, I kinda provoked the crowd, but we all know how can be the public of New York: it is probably the most electric public of the world!"

"So today, I just did a little provocation and I hope it amused them, me anyway it amused me. And as I said, it gave me a lot of energy to win", he pleaded.

And after the match ball, he who usually contains his emotions surprised by performing a few dance moves with his arms, again causing the boos.

"I was still a little surprised because it was not aimed at them, it was something for me", he commented with a smile.

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