I learned from Verstappen to beat Hamilton


Max Verstappen snatched the victory to Charles Leclerc at the last moment of the Austrian Grand Prix, and the decision not to penalize the Dutchman for his maneuver started the new philosophy of allowing pilots to compete more with each other.

In Monza, Leclerc resisted the continuous attacks of a Lewis Hamilton who twice showed his anger on the radio. The Monegasque was first forced to skip the Roggia Variant, and second when in the big curve he moved to block the current champion.

Leclerc said: "From Austria it is clear that we can go a little further in the way we defend position and advance, and in the aggressiveness of the drivers."

"I think that Austria helped me to change the way of facing duels and thanks to that this time I managed to resist. Obviously I was very at the limit, but I am happy to compete like this."

Leclerc was shown the black and white flag for forcing Hamilton to leave while trying to pass him out in the second chicane.

The FIA ​​has reactivated the use of this warning flag, which they use as yellow cards, and after which a sanction can arrive.

"I knew, on the radio, that they showed me the black / white flag for moving in braking," Leclerc said. "To be completely honest, I knew he was on my right, he stopped a little earlier."

"He probably did it on purpose because he didn't want to have to overtake me on the outside. I felt like I left the width of a car. I haven't seen the images, but I'm pretty sure I left the width of a car."

"It's fine if we can compete harder."

When Motorsport.com He asked him if he thought Leclerc had exceeded the limits, Hamilton replied: "That is to compete, I suppose. I had to avoid hitting him a couple of times. But so are the races today. We have consistently asked for consistency. They put a rule and today they did not it was fulfilled, I don't know why. "

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