"I am very happy to belong to the GBC." Gipuzkoa News


Donostia– The American escort Johnny Dee, who was presented yesterday as a Delteco Gipuzkoa Basket player at the Aquarium, showed great confidence in the game and the effort that the GBC can deploy this season.

Dee is satisfied to belong to the group from Gipuzkoa and coexistence in the two weeks he has been sharing training and play with all the members of the club. “I am very happy to sign with the GBC and to come to this city, which is very beautiful. I am also satisfied with the work we have done in the last two weeks. Little by little we get to know each other and we assemble all the pieces. Now we need a little more time to continue working and improving day by day to become a stronger team and be able to make a beautiful season. We want to keep improving, ”said the American. – N.G.

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