Hyundai presents the new generation of its city car i10


Since its introduction in 2008, the i10 has written a success story for Hyundai in Europe. Like the previous generation, the new i10 is designed, developed and manufactured in Europe. The body reflects its young spirit, while ensuring easy accessibility and comfort to its different users in daily activities. In combination with one of the most complete safety offers in its class, the new Hyundai i10 offers very complete equipment.

Exterior designThe dynamic and elegant design of the new i10 offers a contrast between smooth surfaces and defined lines. Compared to its predecessor, the proportions of the new i10 stand out for a lowered height (20 mm) and a greater width (20 mm). These improvements can be complemented with optional new 16-inch alloy wheels, resulting in an energetic and agile look.

The new i10 has a young and dynamic design that stands out in segment A. Its wide front grille expresses a sporty character and incorporates round LED daytime running lights that show a three-dimensional mesh design, thus giving continuity to a characteristic that is already part of The inheritance of the i10. At the rear, two horizontal lines break the soft surfaces of the trunk and end in the taillights.

The side view of the new i10 is characterized by a clean and softly muscular main line, which has been designed to provide maximum interior space. Unique triangular volumes visually emphasize the width of the vehicle and highlight the position of the wheels at the corners. The X-shaped C-pillar, visible from afar, clearly identifies the vehicle and draws attention to the logo located on the pillar.

Interior designThe overall design of the new i10 offers a youth-like interior without compromising functionality or ease of use. One of its most important interior elements is the additional width created by the aerators, which protrude to emphasize the horizontality of the design. The large decorative panel of the dashboard shows a 3D honeycomb pattern that is also repeated on the door panels.

With a youthful style and the use of practical solutions in the interior, it continues with the appreciated character of superior segment of the previous generation without compromising comfort. The door panels are designed to visually lengthen the dashboard and guide the view to the large storage compartments located in the doors. In addition to the glove compartment, the designers of the new i10 have integrated an extra and open storage compartment over the glove compartment on the passenger side.


The new i10 also presents a new range of connectivity options, which makes it the leader in its category. All technological functions are integrated into an eight-inch color touch screen, the largest in the A segment. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto guarantee perfect integration, safe operation and the ability to reflect the contents of mobile devices based on iOS and Android operating systems. A wireless charging system makes drivers never have to worry that their phone's battery runs out during long-distance travel.


The i10 will be available starting with two engines: a 1.0 MPi 3-cylinder with 67 hp and 96 Nm of torque, as well as a 1.2 MPi 4-cylinder with 84 hp and 118 Nm. Both engines are offered with two transmission options: a five-speed manual and another automated five-speed manual (AMT). Compared to a traditional automatic transmission, the AMT box increases efficiency thanks to a lighter weight and less friction.

The Idle Stop and Go (ISG) is a standard feature for all engines, contributing to lower fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and greater efficiency. The fuel economy when using the ISG is especially evident when driving in urban areas, as it automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle stops. To further improve aerodynamics, the coefficient has been reduced from 0.32 to 0.31.

The new i10 is also available with an ECO package (ECO Pack), which includes a balanced transmission ratio, four seats and 14-inch wheels for optimized efficiency.

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