Hyundai and Kia join the ultrafast charge for electric cars by investing in IONITY


The European network of IONITY superchargers for electric cars, capable of charging at a power of up to 350 kW, adds a new investment partner to its ranks. It's about South Korean Hyundai Motor Group, which brings together so much Hyundai like Kia.

Both brands will invest in this cargo network, which continues to gradually increase its strength in Europe, thus reaffirming its commitment to electric mobility. In this way, Hyundai and Kia intend to reach a portfolio of up to 44 cars of alternative mechanics in 2025.

Hyundai and Kia join the ultrafast charge for electric cars by investing in IONITY

On the other hand, this movement comes hand in hand with the intention of the South Korean car group to launch the market electric models with batteries with 800 volt systems with an eye on 2021. It should be remembered that at present, only the Porsche Taycan enjoys this technology, being able to charge for the moment plugged into the IONITY points at a power of 270 kW).

Objective: 400 chargers in Europe by 2020

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Remember that IONITY is a join venture Founded in 2017 by BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group, through Porsche AG. Today, this ultrafast charging network is already It has 140 stations throughout Europe, with more than 50 under construction.

The country that brings together the most IONITY chargers is Germany, but they also begin to be numerous in France and Austria, in addition to having troops in Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and Hungary. The objective of this network is reach 2020 to 400 recharging points, with at least one for every 120 kilometers on the main European highways.

Ionity electric superchargers network

In the case of Spain, have already begun to be built four IONITY stations: two located in Catalonia, in the provinces of Barcelona and Lleida, and the remaining two in the province of Zaragoza and Murcia.

Last year, IONITY allied with the Cepsa oil company for the installation of these superchargers in both Spain and Portugal. Until summer 2020 they plan to install up to 100 charging points in these two countries of the Iberian Peninsula. Superchargers located in our country use the European combined standard (CCS) at a maximum power of 350 kW. These allow you to increase the loading speed up to seven times compared to 50 kW chargers.

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