Huawei accuses the United States of hacking and spying


Huawei goes on the attack. Excluded from the US market since May, the Chinese group accuses the United States of doing everything possible to put a spoke in the wheels. According to the firm, Donald Trump's government allegedly attempted to hack into its computer system in order to spy on its commercial activities.

Huawei accuses us of hacking spying

"The US government has used its political and diplomatic leverage to pressure other states to ban Huawei's equipment." accuses Huawei in a press release dated September 3, 2019. For its part, the Trump government justifies the measures against the manufacturer with the argument of national security. "

"It's a threat to national security" said recently Donald Trump, anxious to keep Huawei as a hostage and a means of pressure in trade negotiations with China. "None of the charges brought by the US government have been proven so far. We strongly condemn the concerted efforts of the US government to discredit Huawei " tackle the builder.

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Huawei accuses Trump government of launching cyberattacks

According to Huawei, the US government has used unscrupulous and illegal means to put pressure. The firm accuses the authorities of "Search, detain and even illegally arrest Huawei employees". In other cases, FBI agents allegedly went to the homes of some of the group's employees to incite them to disclose confidential information.

The group also mentions the illegal retention documents and equipment. In particular, the Chinese group has been waiting for more than two years for the return of network equipment shipped from China to California for inspection. Last June, Huawei filed a complaint to this effect. Worse, US authorities have also launched widespread cyber attacks on the computer system of the Chinese group "To infiltrate the intranet" and collect information about the firm's projects. The group provides no evidence of its assertions.

By this manifesto-like communiqué Huawei denies the latest charges of patent theft from his view. The US Justice Department is investigating the group after Rui Pedro Oliveira's claims. The engineer claims that Huawei stole the design and patents from the smartphone camera he invented. The manufacturer admits to meeting Rui Pedro Oliveira in 2014 but no agreement has been reached. " Huawei categorically rejects Oliveira's claims of patent infringement " bring the group. Huawei accuses the engineer of wanting to extract money. For now, the Justice Department investigation is continuing.

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