HTC plays it all with its latest move


Those of us who have been in the world of smartphones for some time have been able to see how HTC went from being a company that reigned to Android to become a brand of almost null relevance. However, the company does not give up, and it seems that it has in mind how to face these difficult times.

HTC announces a change of CEO at a critical moment of the company

The figure of the CEO is of great importance in the companies. This is the top leader within the direction of the company, who takes the helm and directs the entire company. In a good CEO, he is able to get the best out of a team, in the same way that one who is not up to par can get a great team to not achieve the deserved success.

In the HTC situation it is clear that there was something that failed. With regard to engineering, we have no doubt that HTC still has a great team, not in vain they work together with Google in the creation of the Pixel. But HTC cannot rely solely on Google.

At a critical moment, the company has announced the entry of Yves Maitre as HTC's new CEO. Yves stands out for being a senior executive with 14 years of experience in Orange, being until now executive vice president of consumer teams and associations. A veteran with enough courage to face the difficult situation.

Today it does not seem that they intend to reign in the smartphone market again, and the company has been around for a while pivoting towards virtual reality, extended reality and 5G. With this change of manager it seems that the approach will remain the same, looking for a new sector in which to become leaders again.

A few weeks ago we knew a new device that left us speechless. We wish HTC the best in this change of direction and hope that they surprise us again with innovations.

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