Hoy Digital – Banco Popular, a leading company in the Dominican Republic and number 4 in the region


The Banco Popular Dominicano was recognized as a leading company in the country and number 4 the general regional top, within the survey that Summa magazine and the international consultant Korn Ferry annually perform among more than 400 executives from Central America and the Dominican Republic.
This regional ranking highlights the achievements of the 25 business organizations of the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama that have managed to excel in their respective markets and in the region.
In the case of Banco Popular, the financial institution obtains the first position in the four areas evaluated within the Dominican Republic: digital sustainability, organizational culture, innovation and learning agility.
At the regional level, Popular is number 4 in the general regional top. By area evaluated, it is in fourth position in organizational culture and learning agility, in fifth place, in digital sustainability and in seventh position in innovation.
Summa and Korn Ferry detail that, according to the results of their research, Popular demonstrates that it has the right talent to make the digital transformation sustainable; These personnel are aligned with values, mission and strategic objectives, while there are policies and initiatives to constantly innovate, as well as capacity for long-term professional development and adaptability to changes in the environment.
Study Methodology
Between February and April, more than 400 executives from the region and owners of local, regional and multinational companies selected those they consider the best companies in each of the areas analyzed and answered questions about their business management and leadership practices.
More than a thousand companies were analyzed in the survey and only one hundred managed to add enough mentions to be considered for the study, subsequently identifying the 25 regional leaders and 25 leaders by analyzed area and country.

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