How to listen to WhatsApp audio without the person sending it to you find out


                The confirmation of reading the messages was not received by many users of the platform, how to escape the double blue check?

                <p>We live in stormy times when we are flooded with information that comes to us constantly, and even without limits.

That affects the time we have to process this information, as well as those resulting from being able to answer it, if messages of any kind are treated.

Platforms such as WhatsApp, since they activated the option for confirmation that a message was already read, led to many people feeling pressured by the immediate response time that the other party demands to know that the message was received and read. But there are ways to escape from that.

Although some users have deactivated the confirmation of reading the messages, there are many others who continue with the double check activated. There are some tricks to read a message and that the blue check does not appear to the person who sent it to us, however, when it comes to voice audio, the thing is complicated. Next, we are going to show how to listen to a voice audio without the confirmation of reading to the one who sent it to you.

There are certain applications that allow us to read WhatsApp messages without the person who sends them finding out and the famous double blue check does not appear, although it is also possible to read messages without anyone knowing if before activating the message we activate the mode airplane of the mobile, we enter the chat, we read it, we leave again and we deactivate the airplane mode. In this way, we will have read the message but the person who sent it will still see the double check in gray as if we had not read it.

So you can listen to a WhatsApp audio without the other person finding out

But the thing changes when what they send us is an audio message or voice memo from WhatsApp. On this occasion, the double blue check does not appear to the person who sends us the message until we play the audio, however, the trick of activating the airplane mode does not work with voice memos. Even if we activate the airplane mode and reproduce the audio, when activating it again, it will detect that we have heard it and will show the double blue check to the person who sent it to us.

So that WhatsApp does not find out when we hear an audio message, what we are going to do is use another simple trick. We refer to the option of sending a message to ourselves on WhatsApp, therefore, what we are going to do is create a chat in the application with ourselves and we will resend the audio we have received. To do this, once we have received the voice message in a chat, we open that conversation and without playing the audio we touch it and keep pressing to select the message. Next, we touch on the icon of the arrow to the right that appears at the top of the screen and that allows us to resend the message and select the chat with ourselves that we just created.

Now, we can go to our chat, play the audio and listen to it without the person who has sent it to us knowing that we have read it, because until we do not play it in the chat of that contact, the confirmation of reading will not appear, ADSLZone said.

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