Health of singer Sandy Reyes deteriorates after another stroke



NEW YORK.- Sandy Reyes, ranked among the best singers in the history of merengue, experiences a progressive deterioration in her health.

After a new accident Cerebrovascular (acv), Reyes is an intern at the Isabella Geriatric Care Center, Upper Manhathan, since he cannot stand on his own, to the point that he does not walk.

It is the same assistance center that houses the comedian, also Dominican, Ramón Asencio, affected by amnesia, not linked to Alzheimer's.

Sandy is also a permanent resident in the home, since no family member has offered to host and care for him.

Several years ago the vocalist suffered his first acv, which produced sequels not as serious as this recent one.

Moisés Ramos, former musician of the orchestras of Olga Tañón and Los Hijos de Puerto Rico, visited him at home.

According to information that Ramos has collected in the center, in addition to the motor limitations, Sandy is frequently affected by depressive symptoms.

Reyes was a star singer of The Bedouins of Wifrido Vargas and also shone with his own band.

He is an interpreter of merengues of anthology, such as the guard of the arsenal, Solina, Margarita, Pájaro Chowi and Abusadora, among others.

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