He supports it: Miguel Trauco spoke about the importance and absence of Guerrero in the National Team


Miguel Trauco is one of the figures of Peru. He is one of the few who plays in a great European competition and, in addition, has been the holder of the few dates he has been to Saint Etienne.

Therefore, his word is authorized in matters of the National Team and its relevance matters. Justly, the Glove spoke in the previous match against Ecuador on these issues

"After the Copa América I had a couple of matches with Flamengo and my transfer to France was given and to my surprise the 'teacher' decided to play immediately," said Genius. "The Copa América was a showcase for me and I will always be grateful to the team, "he continued. Trauco

"I played a little against the schedule change, the requirement of the first games and I had a little fatigue that made it impossible for me to play the third game but I am already better and I arrive with great desire," he also referred to his physical condition. Finally, he spoke of the captain and scorer of Peru: "Paolo is a benchmark in the selection but the team adapts quickly to situations."

Thus, the Saint Etienne player touched all the subjects. Tonight, anyway, It will possibly touch the round to, as always, put it where it wants, as with the hand, as with a glove.

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