GSC called for ACAP to refund money at the end of Nov. 130 million baht after the shareholders disapproved

9 >> "Global Service Center" reveals that the shareholders did not approve the ratification of the financial aid ACAP Board meeting to call 130 million baht by the end of November. Confirm not to affect the plan to use the branch expansion Prepare to review the plan 1 Oct 19 and request to adjust the interest of PN tickets from 2% per year to 5% per year.

Global Service Center Company (GSC) informed that the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2019 on 25 September 2019 did not approve the ratification of financial assistance to Asia Capital Group (ACAP) which is considered Is a connected transaction with the company The Board of Directors therefore held an urgent meeting on the same day. To set measures for reimbursement from ACAP

Board of Directors Has approved the company Reimbursement of 130 million baht from ACAP, due to be repaid within 30 Nov 2019. With such measures, the committee has considered with due care and is of the view that there is no impact on the IPO. And the liquidity of the company in any way

The company is currently in the process of the development of information technology systems. It is expected to be completed by the 4th quarter in accordance with the IPO plan. Regarding the branch expansion in order to be in line with the current situation with more emphasis on information technology systems, the company therefore has guidelines. Which will consider the appropriateness of the investment weight of the branch expansion Which will be discussed in the Board of Directors on 1 October 2019.

In addition, the company approved Request to raise interest rates for investment in ACAP promissory notes from 2% per year to 5% per year, effective from 24 September 2019 onwards

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