General Motors employees go on strike


Detroit – The negotiations between General Motors and the United Auto Workers union failed and there will be a strike starting Sunday night, the union said.

The labor contract expired Saturday night and union sources reported that huge discrepancies persisted in economic matters.
Union representatives had told the company that they would allow the contract to expire, increasing the likelihood of a strike.
About 850 janitors represented by AUW working for Aramark, another separate companyThey went on strike on Sunday after working under an extended contract since March 2018, the group said.

The strike affected eight GM facilities in Ohio and Michigan. GM said in a statement that it had contingency plans for any alteration arising from the strike in Aramark.
Mentioning significant differences with the company in regards to salaries, medical care and other matters, Terry Dittes, union vice president, told union members in a letter that a decision would be made on Sunday morning about a strike being declared. or not.
The letters addressed to GM and its members sought to increase the pressure on GM negotiators.
"Although we are fighting for better wages, affordable and quality medical care, and job security, GM refuses to put Americans who work hard to their record earnings," Dites said., in a statement released on Saturday night.
A strike of the 49,200 members would paralyze GM's production in the United States, and would likely disrupt the company's vehicle manufacturing in Canada and Mexico. This situation would cause fewer vehicles for consumers in the lots of dealerships and could make it impossible to manufacture cars and trucks for special orders.
In case there is a strike, it would be the first of the union since in 2007 it stopped work for two days at GM.

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