[Fotos y video] As stars, Falcao and James travel for their Champions debut


Falcao tops the payroll of Galatasaray of Turkey, which will appear before the Bruges in Belgium, while James Rodríguez does the same with Real Madrid of Spain, who will visit the PSG of France in the most attractive duel of programming.

Both come from being outstanding headlines. with their respective teams in local tournaments, Falcao with goal, so they could be initialists again.

James Rodríguez and Karim Benzema

The 2 teams traveled this Tuesday 17 with their best clothes to Belgium and France, respectively, as the rule requires them to be at least one day in advance at the headquarters of the commitment.

Falcao will be the first to have action if one considers that the match between Bruges and Galatasaray will begin at 11:55 a.m., Colombian time, while James will appear a second turn, at 2:00 p.m., at PSG-Real Madrid.

In photos and videos, this was the first Champions trip this season for each one:

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