For the 20 years of the Dreamcast in the United States, the NPD unveils its best-selling games – News


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For 20 years of the ultimate Sega console, Mat Piscatella indicated Dreamcast achieved its best US year in 1999, selling 1.5 million copies between its September launch and Christmas, "largely thanks to NFL 2K", the best selling console that year, says Mat Piscatella."However, in 2002, the Dreamcast will finally come off the market with a total installed base of 4.1 million copies", adds the NDP employee.

Sega has never officially released the exact number of Dreamcasts distributed or sold worldwide, but the most recent estimates from the manufacturer's annual balance sheets give it a worldwide base of between 9 million and 10 million. Suffice to say that the United States will have played a particularly important role in the life of the console. In fact, the day of its release, the Dreamcast even makes the biggest launch of the history of consoles across the Atlantic.

Throughout the career of the Dreamcast in the United States alone Sonic Adventure will be able to overtake NFL 2K sales, while the adaptation of the arcade game Crazy Taxi offered itself a remarkable place on the podium. Without the support of Electronic Arts, Sega will forge a solid sports catalog with the help of the Visual Concepts studio (which 2K Games will only buy in 2005) as shown by the representation of football and basketball games. in the top 10. Ironically, it is also the absence of Electronic Arts on Dreamcast that paved the way for a new license called NBA 2K, which we know the path it has traveled since for the largest misfortune of Electronic Arts.

Apart from games released by Sega, sovereign on its own machine as a Nintendo on its platforms, SoulCalibur of Namco and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing of Midway stand out, even if the prestigious exclusive Resident Evil: Code Veronica Capcom did not miss the top 20 either. For Seaman fans, Mat Piscatella thought of you as saying that Yoot Saito's game is swimming on the back in 75th place.

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