Five digital marketing strategies for lonely entrepreneurs


  • In marketing, the biggest failure of enterprises in Mexico is not having an adequate point of sale

  • Another 41 percent of these new national companies confess to not having done an adequate market study

  • Four out of 10 also admit that a good advertising plan was not executed

In recent years, more people have been attracted to the idea of ​​entrepreneurship. In the end, who doesn't want to be their own boss and do a business where their skills, passions and experience are fully exploited? While it is an attractive practice, it does not mean that it is easy. Initially, it is crucial concentrate and stop procrastinating. But you also have to design a business model, marketing strategy, market analysis, and so on.

Due to the high demands of maintaining a business, not everyone manages to get their business afloat. Only in Mexico, according to Failure Institute, 75 percent of new businesses close after two years. The reasons why these initiatives die before success vary. 65 percent say they do not earn income to survive. 48 percent say they don't have enough indicators. But marketing is also a considerable challenge.

According BDC, new businesses must invest in mobile first. Likewise, it is convenient for them to enter technologies such as Augmented Reality. Strategy Driven He believes that his priority should be the reputation and scope of his brand. Although they are basic tasks, for nascent companies they are great challenges. Even more if the entrepreneur decides to go on his own. But DIY Marketers He points out that there are several digital marketing strategies that can facilitate this process.

Organize the presence of social media marketing

It is crucial that lone entrepreneurs prioritize their presence in these types of channels. All brands with an online presence also need to be present on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other complementary platforms relevant to their target audience. It is important to note that, due to limited financial and time resources, these channels must be very strategic. That is, each action is very well planned and optimized.

Reuse every content to the fullest

For the vast majority of companies in the market, it is easy to bombard users of new resources in their marketing strategy. content marketing. But for a lone entrepreneur, this approach is impossible to sustain. So whatever material is generated, it must be transformed to all possible formats. A blog article can become a video, podcast and infographic. Thus, the production time of each piece can be greatly reduced.

Define the most important marketing goals for the brand

A larger company can afford to expand its business in several areas. But with limited time and resources, an entrepreneur needs clear priorities. If the main thing is to bring money to the table, the marketing strategy needs to focus on getting sales. In another case, the most crucial thing could be to make known and cement the value and reputation of the brand. Then, the actions should be focused on dissemination and trust.

Get the most out of apps free phones and programs

There are an infinity of high quality free tools that can accelerate and optimize the marketing process. Do you need to create infographics for the strategy? There's a program for that. Do you have to do video editing to upload content to social networks? There is also a software specialized. Is it urgent that you can communicate quickly and easily with customers or suppliers on a unified channel without creating accounts or downloading files? Guess what.

Don't forget to tell your story

Everyone, brands and consumers alike, are crazy about the storytelling. As a lone entrepreneur, there are few stories more attractive than those of a person who faces all adversity and, even so, moves forward. This idea will not only help to publicize your company, generate sympathy and boost your marketing strategy. It is also worth remembering the challenges and rewards of working on your own.


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