First impressions of the testers who have already seen Disney +


Much has been said in recent months about the next launch of the platform that aims to become an important site in the streaming video sector, Disney +. He wants to compete with more established ones like Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime Video, among others.


div>However, certain users, approximately two months before its official launch, have already been able to try the first versions of the entertainment platform. It has been known that some of these are in the Netherlands, since they have made public their first impressions on the matter. In the first place, the new streaming service is expected to cause a stir when the 12th of November At a price of 6.99 euros per month.

Well, based on the statements of a Dutch newspaper headline From Telegraaf which is currently part of a free trial in the Netherlands, qualifies Disney + as "more addictive than heroin." This is something that leaves more than obvious the feeling that the platform is causing among its testers. In fact, he wants to emphasize some of the important advantages that Disney + present against your most direct competition, say Netflix or HBO.

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And it must be borne in mind that users who sign up for the service have started receiving emails with some of their main features. Here various functions such as unlimited downloads, or the possibility of adding up to 10 dispositives. To all this we must add the ability to create profiles for all users, in addition to the service is safe for children under 7 years.

Disney + enchants testers who have already seen it before its official launch

As we have commented on some occasion, those contents "more suitable" for children may serve as a brake for some who prefer to have other types of movies and series, but at the same time it will be a perfect solution for many millions of customers. Not surprisingly this is a policy that has been working quite well for Disney during decades.

Disney + mobile

In this way, those who have been able to try the online service in the Netherlands, ensure that everything the firm ensures will reach its customers does not disappoint. Here factors such as content, many simultaneous users come into play, while offering some titles in UHD with an audio track Dolby Atmos. We can also have extras such as deleted scenes from some of his most representative films.

Of course, to all this we must add the section of price, something we already talked about these days ago and that can be one of the great assets of the platform streaming, at least in its beginnings.

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