Fintech launches app to buy dollars, reload transportation and buy with QR


The Naranja -Banco Galicia card partners, today launched a fintech that offers the possibility to buy and sell dollars, recharge the transport card, open an account in pesos and dollars and make payments with QR codes.

Orange X, which is a separate signature from the original to conquer new customers using virtual wallets, will offer free cell phone insurance for all users who download the app with a coverage starting at $ 4,000, and as they are used The app's services are advanced in coverage up to $ 8,000 for screen breakage and $ 20,000 in case of theft.

The alliance with the transport cards includes all those offered in the country with the exception of the provinces of La Rioja and Santiago del Estero, which do not participate in this first instance but would do so shortly. Also for the only time, $ 100 is reimbursed on the first recharge of the transport card.

The application offers a free and bonus account in pesos and dollars and also allows salary accreditation.

From now on, the association with the Orange Card customers is available, while for those who do not have this plastic, the virtual wallet can be loaded with cash with cash through Easy Payment or from a transfer from another bank with a copy of the CVU (account virtual uniform).

“Orange X arrives with a virtual wallet that allows you to send or receive money between accounts, pay or collect with QR codes, loading money from Orange Card, a bank account or Easy Payment,” said Gastón Irigoyen, CEO of Orange X.

“The business plan is challenging and ambitious. It encourages the creation of technological products that have rapid adoption among users in Argentina and are replicable in Latin America. For this we have formed a team of 120 highly qualified professionals, and during 2020 we plan to double, ”he said.

Irigoyen stressed that the firm was born with “the double objective: on the one hand, to strengthen the value proposition to Naranja's clients, and also, to launch into the open market responding to people's financial and non-financial needs, with the opportunity to create a unique and leading technology company with an eventual impact in the region ”.

By the end of 2020, Orange X plans investments of US $ 50 million.

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