"Ferrari has taken care of our time running out"


Charles Leclerc ahead of the two Mercedes during qualifying in Monza. Getty

Briton Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) blamed Ferrari that the German team did not have time to complete their second qualifying round in Q3.

"He has been in charge of running out of time," Hamilton said after all the drivers had slowed down so as not to score time first and take advantage of the rebuffs.

"Ferrari has marked the pole and then has made sure that we run out of time; it's a bit weird what has happened. Everyone tries to delay and have room for the rebuild, so we have run out of time. It has been very timeless. interesting, but the installation has been very dangerous for everyone. You don't know who is ahead or who is behind, although we have enjoyed it too, "he told a press conference.

Hamilton is clear about what would change the situation: "If everyone leaves so late, there will still be a problem in the circuits where the rebuild is important. The thing will change when someone has an accident," he said.

Despite this, the Briton will come in second position, behind the Monegasque Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) and was confident in the face of the race: "I sincerely have to be grateful to be in the front line because we will be able to fight with the Ferrari since we have been able to separate them, "he said.

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