FEMALE FOOTBALL COLOMBIA | How are the 2019 Women's Eagle League seats for Copa Libertadores 2019 delivered? (Dimayor Regulation for 2019)


Since the tournament's competition method was announced for this year 2019, being the third professional in history, it was stated that the country would have 2 places for the country in this competition and Huila would arrive as current champion as a pre-qualified . However, paying attention to the delivery of 2019 Women's Eagle League seats for Copa Libertadores 2019 shows that there can be confusion.

The regulations indicate that the champion and runner-up will accompany the opitas in the international tournament to represent Colombian football. However, Huila can reach the final and then you have to look at who would fall the remaining quota.

This is how the 2019 Women's Eagle League seats for Copa Libertadores 2019 will be distributed:

Going to the official regulations of the Dimayor, it is not specified in this case who could take the place of Huila. If applied in the same way as in men's football, the quota would be for the best reclassification, but the first of this table could be among the champion or runner-up and there should be another clarification to deliver the quota:


Participating on behalf of Colombia in the FEMALE LIBERTING CUP of the year 2019, the Champion club and sub Champion of the AGUILA FEMALE LEAGUE 2019.

Paragraph: Clubs classified to the CONMEBOL Women's Libertadores Cup may carry out a new registration process. This process will be governed by the guidelines issued for this purpose by the Presidency of the DIMAYOR through a new registration circular "

We clarify that this occurs between the round trip of the semifinals, so the issue could be resolved if Huila falls in the semifinal with Medellín and thus the classification of the key between Millionaires and America would accompany the red team of Antioquia. But in the first leg, the Huilenses won 1 by 0 and that is why the scenario of this lack of clarity is still latent.

That is why we show how the reclassification table is in which América, Huila and Medellín are above all and seem to have insured quotas:

Reclassification table Women's Eagle League 2019 Courtesy, Dimayor official website

However, in case there is a comeback of Millionaires to America on the return, remembering that the result of the first leg was 2 for 0 for the 'scarlet in Bogotá. And if Huila does not allow himself to be traced back to Medellín, those classified as Libertadores would change and would again apply the clarification in the regulation that is not recorded in the document.

In this case Millionaires and Huila would have the quotas and the rest could go to America, if the reclassification is taken into account as it happens in the masculine soccer. But it is clear that the methodology for entering the 2019 Women's Eagle League seats for Copa Libertadores 2019 is not clear at the moment.

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