FC Nantes – Mercato: Kita finds a solution for Ludovic Blas


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FC Nantes - Mercato: Waldemar Kita found a solution for Ludovic Blas

Ludovic Blas, midfielder of EA Guingamp, must sign a four-year contract with FC Nantes. The different parties would have reached an agreement late Sunday night.

Waldemar Kita also knows how to put in the pot when it is necessary, FC Nantes supporters could point it out more often.

As announced by Ouest France Sunday night, EA Guingamp and FC Nantes have reached an agreement for the transfer of Ludovic Blas. The team announces in its edition of the day that this transfer is estimated at € 8 million euros with an interest in resale. RMC Sport specifies that this amount amounts to 6M € + 1.5 bonus + a percentage on resale.

Anyway, the president of FC Nantes will settle the note. The middle age of 21 must commit for four years. Important detail, this arrival is independent of the possible departure of Valentin Rongier to OM. He would be on the right track.

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