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Ferrari woke up late but at least woke up, we'll see from now on if that revitalization exhibited by the Scuderia When he returns from vacation he is consistent enough to put a brake on the roller that Mercedes has spent in the first half of the course – nine wins in the first ten stops of the calendar. The victory facts that Charles Leclerc achieved in Spa a week ago, the first for the Monegasque in Formula 1 and the first of his team so far this year, do not allow betting on it unconditionally: Lewis Hamilton struck the 21-year-old boy up to the same finish line and the final result could have been another if the thing had been extended a couple more laps. In any case, the inertia that has been taken by the troop of the red racing cars is good for both them and the fans, who thus have another alternative.

Monza is the Ferrari garden, one of the scenarios in which the legend of rampant Il Cavallino has grown larger. And that is why it is surprising that the last time the Maranello builder climbed to the top of the podium was in 2010, with Fernando Alonso. Almost a decade later, the Spaniard has already retired from F1, while the Italian manufacturer continues to pursue a title he has not held for 12 years, in that 2007 World Cup that Kimi Raikkonen lifted after McLaren decided to throw it all away the board. As in other sports, since this crown is almost traveling to the headquarters of Mercedes, Ferrari has no other consolation than winning against its people. Waiting to see what happens this Sunday (15:10 hours, Movistar Formula 1), possibilities have more than any other structure if we take care that one of its prototypes will start without traffic.

Leclerc accumulated its fourth Saturday pole in F1 and the second consecutive, making it clear that at 21 he is in full progression. On a track in which the power of the prototypes marks both the difference and the rebuffs, the boy was the most skilled of all, even circulating alone, without help or reference. In a last timed qualifying round that became a kind of pilla-pilla, Leclerc was with Carlos Sainz (he will start seventh) the only one who could complete a final attempt at a quick lap. The other eight cars were immolated for wanting to find a hook that would stretch them, in a strategy that will surely cause the commissioners of the International Automobile Federation to take action on the matter. Hamilton, who was about to ram Sebastian Vettel in the main straight, will be the second, while Valtteri Bottas will do the third.

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