Extra Diary – Dorian hits Canada


ORTtawa, Canada (AFP) – Almost a week after devastating the Bahamas, where he left at least 43 dead, Dorian caused "havoc" in Canada, with violent winds and flooding in the coastal areas, without fatalities being reported.

Dorian entered Canadian lands on Saturday near Halifax degraded by the local hurricane center to "very intense post-tropical cyclone" with winds of up to 140 km / h, before returning to the sea on Sunday.

According to the authorities, more than 500 thousand households had no electricity along the coast in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

While Canada was facing the storm, the Bahamians who lost everything after the devastating hurricane Dorian tried to escape from the most affected islands, where the top-class storm left at least 43 dead, a figure that authorities expect to increase "significantly" and "numerous missing."

Airplanes, helicopters and ships, both private and governmental, and even cruises, converged on the terribly battered Abaco Islands to help with evacuations, both towards the Bahamian capital of Nassau and the United States. The facilities of the small airport of Marsh Harbor, on the Abaco Island suffered the wrath of winds of up to 250 km / h from Dorian, then category 5, the highest. Several hangars were collapsed by the hurricane, although the landing strip was usable and hundreds of people were able to embark towards Nassau.

"It's been almost a week and people don't have food or water. There are still bodies around here, it's not healthy to stay," said a young mother, Chamika Durosier, who left the airport fleeing the bad smell of the toilets, where you can not pull the chain due to lack of water. "Some have been sleeping here for three or four days, the number of seats is limited on airplanes," says Durosier, who is still injured after the roof of her house fell on her and her daughter by force of Dorian .


In the commercial port of Marsh Harbor, hundreds of people also waited to leave. Under a burning sun, the smell of waste mixed throughout the island with that of decaying bodies.

"We don't have water or electricity. We're dying, it's a catastrophe. I've had to walk to get here at four in the morning, and I've been waiting since. I want to leave the island at once," said Miralda Smith, a Haitian who She is going to meet her Bahamian husband in Nassau.

One of the cruise ships participating in the evacuation operations, that of the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, arrived on Saturday morning near Palm Beach, in Florida, with more than 1,500 inhabitants of the island of Grand Bahama.

According to the UN, at least 70,000 people need "immediate assistance" in the Bahamas, that is, the equivalent of the population of the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama, the most affected by Dorian.

The archipelago authorities fear that poor sanitary conditions will further worsen the balance of hurricane fatalities. The situation in the Bahamas provoked signs of solidarity from several countries. A shipment of the UN World Food Program, with about 15,000 meals and tons of material, was expected on Saturday in the affected islands.

France announced the deployment of dozens of soldiers to participate in relief efforts, within the framework of a European mission. And the American president, Donald Trump, promised the help of his country, whose Coast Guard is already working in the Bahamas.


Thousands of kilometers to the north, Dorian "wreaked havoc" on the Canadian coast, said CNH, the US National Hurricane Center.

A construction crane collapsed in Halifax, and the Canadian Hurricane Center reported "countless reports" of felled trees, heavy rains and flooding along the coast.

No serious injuries or deaths have been reported, Canadian television network CTV said.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government was "ready to help Atlantic Canada in the face of this storm," while its Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale announced the dispatch of 700 soldiers to the region to assist in the recovery. of the electric service and the evacuation of inhabitants in flooded areas.

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