Dollar price today September 2, exchange rate at closing


Mexico City. Today Monday, September 2, 2019 the dollar is quoted on $ 20.12 pesos, according to current information from the platform. This represents a slight upward variation of 6 cents, taking as reference the price of the weekend, which was $ 20.06 pesos. The price of the EU currency for more than $ 20.50 In some banks.

As for the dollar exchange rate for today Monday, September 2, 2019 at Mexico City International Airport, this one is listed in a window in $ 19.11 pesos to purchase and $ 20.50 pesos for sale.

On the other hand, about the exchange rate in different banks of the country, the highest price of the dollar for sale has it Monex, where it is quoted in $ 20.75 pesos; the lowest purchase price has it BBVA, in $ 18.66 pesos. The information according to platform reports

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About euro, the currency is quoted at $ 22.07 pesos, for $ 24.28 pesos of the pound sterling, in general average.

The US-China Trade War continues

The weight It started with losses a few hours from the entry in force of tariff measures of U.S Y China, with participants in the markets that process international economic indicators.

A report of Base Bank highlights that a general weakening of currencies in front of its main crossings, due, in part, to the fact that yesterday, September 1, the United States put into effect tariffs of 15 percent to 110 billion dollars of imports from China, mainly final consumer items, which could be reflected in Higher inflation

Although tariffs had already been announced since the beginning of August, the entry into effect is a sign that progress is not being made to resolve the trade war.

To this day there is still no certainty if there will be talks between officials from both countries during the month, so uncertainty will persist and there could be new episodes of risk aversion in global financial markets.

The Chinese government also implemented tariffs on US merchandise in the amount of about $ 75 billion in a context in which it is still planned to meet officials from both countries, said President Donald Trump.

Markets in expectation of Argentina

Participants do not lose sight of the complex financial situation in Argentina, where the government applied financial controls over the weekend, and the indicators of some economies.

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