Dollar part September at $ 725, its highest value of the last three years | Economy


The dollar This Monday rose more than $ 3 compared to its closing value last Friday.

In detail, the US currency was quoted in $ 725.10, which translates into your maximum level of the last three years.

At the local level this situation influenced the price of copper, which closed at the London Metal Exchange at $ 2,545 a pound, below the average value of this year.

During the last hours, economists projected that the dollar would continue to rise and exceed $ 720, for the application of new tariffs within the framework of the trade war between the United States and China.

Washington increased the import tax for products from the Asian giant to 15%, such as televisions, smart watches, diapers, and sportswear.

On the other hand, China applied tariffs of between 10% and 5% to the power of the north, in products such as frozen sweet corn and marble.

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