Do you want to invest in real estate with friends or family? Pay attention


Have been mentioned multiple times The advantages of investing in real estate. But these projects also have some disadvantages. The most important is that, especially in the areas of greatest demand, they usually have a very high price. Of course there are financial tools specifically designed so that anyone can get involved in these projects.

But even with these facilities, a good idea is to divide the cost of undertaking a real estate project. In this way, not only can the financial investment that each individual must make be reduced. Even, the purchase process can be accelerated, since each part can help to settle either the credit or the value of the project much faster.

Although this is an attractive idea, it must be carefully evaluated. Luis Omar Méndez, Broker RE / MAX Homelife and Homelife One in Naucalpan, Edomex, points out that people should be aware of three factors before entering real estate as a group.

In the case that various people are going to participate in a real estate project, the first thing they should review is whether the project will be profitable, attractive in the open market and, most importantly, that you will have legal certainty.

Profitability of the real estate project

According to the RE / MAX expert, this concept refers to the fact that the "Disposal generates a sufficient return on investment for each of the investors". In other words, that each person receives a satisfactory gain.

Monitor the viability of the project

Luis Omar Méndez points out that a project “attractiveness to the open market means that it will be sold in a reasonable time once the project is finished ”. That is, the group must ensure that the real estate initiative can have a potential buyer quickly.

Anticipate legal problems

Finally, the RE / MAX Broker points out that “be certain that the capital invested will have legal certainty. You should go to an expert lawyer in commercial matters and proximity to real estate projects ”. Or, if the investment in real estate meets a barrier, the resources of each person are safeguarded.


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