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By The Associated Press

09/14/2019 | 12: 03 p.m.

Cape Canaveral. A newly discovered comet that approaches the Sun is probably visiting from another solar system, NASA and the European Space Agency reported. It is expected to completely dodge Earth and remain beyond the orbit of Mars.

The astronomers said the comet travels at about 93,000 mph, so fast that it probably originated outside our solar system. It is 260 million miles from our Sun and is getting closer and closer.

Scientists predict that in December the comet will pass to the other side of the Sun and that it will continue its path until returning to interstellar space. It should be visible with professional telescopes until well into the next year. It is estimated that its core has a diameter between 1.2 and 10 miles.

Officially known as C / 2019 Q4, the comet was discovered two weeks ago by an amateur astronomer at an observatory in the Crimea. In 2017, a telescope in Hawaii detected our first known interstellar visitor.

Although the news of another foreign visitor was very recent, it is possible that these interstellar passersby are more common than previously believed.

"We are now working to get more observations on this rare object," Marco Micheli of the ESA Near Earth Coordination Center said in a statement. "We need to wait a few days to determine its origin with observations that prove the current thesis that it is interstellar or perhaps dramatically change our understanding."

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