DIRECT – Macron, Merkel and Johnson accuse Tehran of being "responsible" for attack on Saudi Arabia



Beyond the nuclear issue, another topic feeds tensions between the United States and Iran, with the attack of two oil installations in Saudi Arabia, claimed by Houthi rebels of Yemen, supported by Iran.

On Monday, September 16, Saudi Arabia accused, without providing evidence, Iran of providing the weapons that led to this attack, which has already resulted in higher oil prices and prices at the pump. from 4 to 5 centimes in France.

The kingdom was immediately able to count on the support of its American ally, who claimed to have "the certainty that these raids had been carried out from the soil of Iran" and prepared a file to prove these accusations to Europeans at the United Nations next week. . Charges described as "foolish" by the Iranians.

In this stormy context, Donald Trump preached pros and cons. Claiming he had "the most powerful weapons in the world," he dismissed a military clash with Iran and did not "rule out" the hypothesis of a meeting with Hassan Rohani in New York.

An assumption that Iran has, for its part, excluded, by the voice of its number 1, Ayatollah Khamenei. The precondition for a resumption of dialogue is still the same: "If the United States (…) repents for having withdrawn" from the Iran nuclear deal, and they decide to return to it "Then they will be able to participate in the discussions between Iran and the other members".

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