Did the other author of "Color Esperanza" speak. Did he support Coti or support Diego Torres?


        The fight between the singers seems not to end and new voices are added.        </p><div>

A few days ago a fight broke out that nobody expected: Diego Torres versus Coti Sorokin. The problem arose when the singer gave an interview for a Spanish newspaper and argued that he was the creator of the song that led him to tour various stages of the world. Seeing this, his colleague was very offended and wrote a series of messages on Twitter where he defecated and unleashed the fight.

Coti Sorokin He was enraged when he read this statement and wrote on Instagram: “Say no more @diegotorresmusica. If you tell the truth, this controversial idiot ends up giving me a lot of laziness and I have much more interesting things to do… ” And he clarified:I wrote the song with Cachorro López. I told it countless times. First I made the chorus in lyrics and music and then Puppy gave me a tune for the stanza and the next day I put the lyrics to that melody. Point. Anyone who says otherwise is missing the truth, ”said the author.

Given this, Diego also replied: "Before the stir generated in the article appeared in the Spanish media The vanguard, I want to make it clear that I never appropriated exclusively the authorship of the song ‘Color Esperanza’. My contribution to the lyrics was recognized by both authors and thus we share among the three: CACHORRO LÓPEZ, COTI and I the authorship of the song ”.

But what they didn't think is that Cachorro López was going out to talk. "The truth does not hurt anyone. The music was made by Coti and me. And the lyrics were made by Coti in 95%. At one point the subject had one less stanza and when we added a stanza, Diego simply put a couple of lines. I am inclined to say that Coti is right in what he says. But in no way would the subject have been what it was if it wasn't for Diego and the way he sang it and everything he added, ”he remarked.

“In this case, (Diego Torres) wrote a couple of letter lines. This is common and should not be so dramatic. The image that people have is that the singer is the one who is saying these words all the time, that is a bit unreal. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes halfway, ”said Cachorro, leaving the musician who took the song to the Vatican very well.

As for who charges for copyright, he said: “It is usually agreed when you are looking for repertoire; Sometimes there are interpreters who sign the issues when they do, there are all kinds of things. Even at a time in Miami, the producers signed issues that were not theirs. I have a quarter, Diego has 20%, and Coti has another piece, that's how the subject is distributed. ”

“At the time I was very close to Diego, we worked hard together and had a human relationship. We also work with Coti for a long time. Now the truth is that I don't see either of them anymore. But I have a good memory, it was a relationship that left many good things with both of them, ”he said in reference to the link he has with each of them and concluded by saying that he gives a lot of“ pity and grief ”all the controversy that was generated in the last days.


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