Death of Moroccan actor Mohamed Khaddi


Moroccan actor, playwright and director Mohamed Khaddi died Monday (September 2nd) in Rabat at the age of 72, after a long illness.

Born in Sale in 1947, Mohamed Khaddi studied drama at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and Cultural Animation in Rabat. He has also done many internships at the Moroccan Center for Dramatic Research, under the direction of the director of the French Cultural Mission in Rabat, René Lefourgue.

The deceased was a member of the national troops of the Moroccan theater "Al Maâmora" and the Mohammed V national theater. Until recently, he directed the theatrical troupe of today and tomorrow (Masrah lyaoum wa el ghade). Dirty.

Mohamed Khaddi has to his credit several appearances in the cinema, notably in "The message" with Anthony Quinn or in "Mr. Jones" with Richard Gere and "Killing is not playing" of John Glen. On television, he has appeared in more than ten television series and has invited himself in twenty television movies.

Speaking in more than 10 radio dramas, Mohamed Khaddi has appeared in more than 80 plays of all kinds, comic, tragic or melodramatic, in Moroccan and international works.

The funeral of the deceased will take place this Monday after the prayer of Al Asr at the cemetery Sidi Belabbes Salé.

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