Daikin joins EGAT in signing 62 Energy Consultant Cooperation Agreement: Kom Chad Luek Online


Contract to continue to produce energy-saving air conditioners to support the national strategy

Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd. Leader in air conditioning innovation "Daikin" Sign cooperation Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)The Energy Adviser Project in 2019, progressing to produce air conditioners, no. 5, aiming to reduce energy consumption by 6.08 million units, accepting the Ministry of Energy 4.0 energy strategy, according to the 20-year energy conservation plan, to increase energy use by 30 percent in 2036, with Mr. Sonthirat Sonthichirawong Minister of Energy Honor to be a witness

Cooperation signing ceremony

Akihisa Yokoyama President of Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd., an innovation leader in air conditioning systems, Daikin said that the signing of the cooperation in the energy advisor project in 2019 is the mission of Daikin to produce air conditioners under Under the energy-saving mark 5 of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand or EGAT went out to market

Akihisa Yokoyama (Middle)

"Daikin is determined to innovate and transfer the future cooling technology, including air conditioners for residences. And commercial, meeting all needs To enhance the potential and efficiency of being a leader in manufacturing quality air conditioners With the goal of maximizing work efficiency and saving energy. Under the changing trend of the world that focuses on environment and sustainable energy use Including to respond to the energy conservation plan of the Ministry of Energy continuously, "Akihisa Yokoyama said

Sonthirat Sonthichirawong

In this regard, all departments that have signed up to participate in the advisory project in 2019 are divided into 3 groups as follows: 1. Organizations that support operations Including the Thai Chamber of Commerce Thai SMEs Confederation Society for Engineering Executives in Hotels and Commercial Buildings And the Thai Energy Management Association. 2. Is the Air Conditioning Operator No.5 that operates the Chiller business and 3. The agencies that apply to join the project and have a network to expand the total of 24 project participants. Named as a project consultant partner That work together to work hard and will work together to move Thailand towards the use of electric power Energy 4.0

Wibun Rerksirathai

The sideMr. Wibun Rerksirathai Governor of EGAT Revealed that EGAT has implemented an energy advisory project to encourage electricity users across the country to use electricity efficiently with various electricity efficiency enhancement measures Reasonable and cost effective Including supporting the goal of reducing electricity usage by 0.1-0.3 percent of the country's electricity consumption or 5,872 million units in 2036 according to the energy conservation plan In collaboration with various partners In Action And are alert to raise awareness of worthwhile use of energy

In the year 2019, EGAT has set a goal to save electricity from the project to 6.08 million units, in line with the Ministry of Energy's strategy to reduce electricity use in accordance with the 20-year energy conservation plan (2015 – 2036) with the goal of increasing energy intensity) by 30% in 2036, which has now decreased by 8%


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