Craig Wright asks for a 30-day extension to delay payment of 500K Bitcoin


Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of Bitcoin (BTC), has asked for another extension of the deadline to resolve his case involving his late partner Dave Kleiman.

Wright entered into negotiations

On September 17, Wright's lawyers filed a new request for a 30-day extension for all the trial discovery deadlines and the case itself, citing the need to facilitate ongoing discussions with Dave Kleiman's heirs as the parties had entered into "extensive conciliation negotiations".

According to the document, Wright's lawyers and Kleiman's heirs have reached a non-binding agreement to resolve the matter and continue to negotiate and finalize all relevant terms.

Citing a series of deadlines for the case, such as Wright's opposition to Judge Reinhart's sanctions order that expires on September 24 and the plaintiffs 'motion for attorneys' fees due on September 20, the defendant He said that reaching a final binding agreement is between "the best interests of both parties" and this requires a period of extension.

30 more days after an extension of two weeks

Following the court order on August 26 that required Wright to deliver 50% of approximately 1 million Bitcoins that Wright allegedly undermined with Kleiman, Wright's lawyer, Andres Rivero, first requested a 14-day extension on August 30 .

In the request, the Wright part also intended to challenge Reinhart's order in favor of Dave Kleiman's heirs, which required him to pay 500,000 Bitcoins, arguing that Wright had not recognized that the judge had the power to enter the order .

At the end of August, Wright suggested that Dave Kleiman's heirs might experience tax problems with the Bitcoins that beat him in the court case.

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