COLOMBIAN FOOTBALL | The new knee injury of Santiago Montoya was confirmed in Millionaires (Medical problems of Santiago Montoya)


The paisa player, who was once considered for the Colombia team, has not been able to have regularity in recent times due to physical and injury issues. And even if it wasn't even in a match or training, Santiago Montoya's new knee injury in Millionaires will take him away from the courts longer and the fans' discomfort is very large.

Santiago was bought from Tolima and had already had knee problems, however it was a bet of the club and has not gone very well, since he arrived to start the year 2018, the player has played 34 games in all official competitions and only 20 as holder and has been replaced in 18.

This was confirmed the new knee injury of Santiago Montoya in Millionaires:

In the official statement of the blue club of Bogotá, it was officially reported that there were problems in the recovery of the player and that is why they will redo an intervention process to find that they are 100% again:

"Due to the results that gave several diagnostic images made on different occasions to the player Santiago Montoya, he had been training without news.

Recently he presented discomfort with a feeling of instability in his left knee, so it was determined to perform new exams which were analyzed by 3 specialists.

Together with the player, the specialists decided to practice a new intervention. According to the findings that are evident, the procedure to be followed will be defined "

And before this announcement of the new knee injury of Santiago Montoya in Millionaires, which for many journalists already has the confirmation of being a new rupture of ligaments of the knee, fans have had these reactions that boast a loss of almost a year and hold the technical and medical team responsible:

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