China will exempt 16 US product categories from supplementary tariffs


China published on Wednesday a list of US products that will be exempt from supplementary tariffs which were applied since last year, a few weeks before new trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington.

The two countries have been waging a trade war since 2018 that led to the mutual imposition of tariffs on billions of dollars of trade.

The exemptions announced on Wednesday, and that will apply from September 17 for one year, They affect 16 product categories, from pesticides to lubricants, to pharmaceutical products, the Customs Commission of the Chinese government said.

A first list establishes 12 categories of products achieved by the exemption, and against which The companies will have up to six months to request a refund of the tariffs and taxes.

The second list indicates four products for which There will be no refunds of the rates already imposed, although there will be an exemption from now on.

This is the first time that China publishes a list of products since last year it began to apply 25% supplementary tariffs on a series of products from the United States.

Despite this measure, China will continue to apply punitive tariffs to US agricultural products such as soybeans or pork.

Despite the bilateral tensions, China and the United States claim to maintain the dialogue and in early October a meeting of negotiators from both countries is scheduled in Washington.

Next, to the list of products reached by the exemption of tariffs:

List 1, with refund of fees paid

1- Shrimp and shrimp seedlings

2- Alfalfa flour or pellets

3- Other forms of alfalfa

7- Insecticides and pesticides (including methylthiophosphorus, buprofezin, aspartate, indoxacarb)

8- Medicines for the treatment of cancer (Decitabine, fluorouridine, cyclophosphamide, gefitinib, capecitabine, raltitrexed, fludarabine phosphate)

9- Non-ionic organic surfactant

10- Bituminous mineral oil less than 70%

11- Lubricants that do not contain oil or are extracted from bituminous minerals

12- Linear medical accelerator used in x-ray therapy

List 2, no refund of fees paid

13- Serum for feeding (between 2% and 7% protein, between 76% and 88% lactose)

14- Release agent (oil by weight and oil extracted from bitumen equal to or greater than 70%)

15- Isoparaffin solvent (early boiling point 225 ° C, flash point 92 ° C, density 0.79g / cm3, viscosity 3.57mm2 / s)

16- Lubricating base oil (37-47 with product viscosity at 100 ° C, viscosity index 80 or higher, measured color 2.0, pour point -8 ° C)

(With information from AFP)

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