Charles Leclerc: "I can only thank Ferrari for believing in me"


In the current Formula 1 season they are highlighting some proper names, and one of them is, without a doubt, that of Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque pilot faced the difficult challenge of share a garage with a four-time world champion like Sebastian Vettel and also do it under the orders of a champion team with an urgent need to recover the crown. And the truth is that the number '16' is not disappointing anyone, since at this point in the season it is exceeding all expectations. Not only has he climbed the highest step of the podium twice so far this year (Spa and Monza), but he has surpassed his partner in the General. Something at the height of very few considering that debuted with the Italian team and is only facing its second year in the highest category of motoring. However, Leclerc is very critical of himself and admits that he has made certain failures so far this season, although at the same time he asserts that his results are making clear that he is more prepared than many fans believed. He also thanks the men of Maranello for the trust placed in him.

"It has not been an easy start to the season, since I have made some mistakes, although it is not an excuse. I have grown a lot since the beginning of the campaign. I understood the criticisms of the past, as this is my second year in Formula 1, but I can only thank Ferrari for believing in me. They had a lot of data to analyze, so it wasn't an easy decision. I am definitely happy to have these kinds of results that show that I was perhaps more prepared than some people thought, "he said in a statement for the web portal.

Charles Leclerc skids in Monza

Suffered triumph

The Monte Carlo, who won a long-win in the last Italian Grand Prix, said last Sunday that the race had become very long due to the continued pressure of the Mercedes, especially Lewis Hamilton: "After winning at Monza, I feel freedom. How many laps were in the race? 53 laps? Well, they got much longer than 53. As I said, I felt a lot of pressure behind me from the Mercedes. So, obviously, since I crossed the finish line everything is pure happiness, "he said at the press conference after the Italian Grand Prix.

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