CEU launches a pioneering bilingual virtual audio assistance service for its students


This avant-garde CEU project is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and sets new standards in the field of student support services thanks to a bilingual chatbot enabled by a voice system through Amazon Alexa.

The CEU San Pablo University Foundation, the largest Spanish educational institution with more than 33,000 students, leads the teaching innovation in Spain thanks to the incorporation of CEU Alexa in its CEU Cardenal Herrera University, a tool designed to interact with students both in English and in Spanish.

The new voice service called 'Ask CEU' provide students with the possibility of accessing Blackboard content, a space for virtual learning of students, personalized notifications, reminders, study questionnaires, news, reservation of common spaces of the University and the application of academic procedures. Precisely to reinforce and expand the functionalities of this virtual space, the University has provided a copy of the Echo Dot to its first year students.

This assistant, which has been designed and built by the University's computer support team in less than four months, uses the algorithms and voice and security technology of Amazon Web Services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa. In this way, a voice interface is configured that is capable of maintaining a natural conversation and that facilitates the interaction of students with the services and utilities of CEU Alexa.

The computer support team has worked hand in hand with the students to refine this system before its official launch. Likewise, Alexa's new skills system has been the result of the joint work of different departments within the University itself, as is the case of Student Services and academic staff. This close multidisciplinary collaboration has ensured that the system faithfully reflects everyday university life and the different interactions of students with the academic world.

The wizard uses the algorithms and voice and security technology of Amazon Web Services, including AWS Lambda, Amazon Lex and Amazon Alexa.

The head of the Public Sector for Spain and Portugal of Amazon Web Services, Pilar Torres, has stressed the relevance of this pioneering service as a turning point in the university field: We are excited about the launch of the new CEU voice system, which marks a new standard in the way in which universities communicate. By taking advantage of the Amazon Web Services portfolio, the CEU has managed to innovate and offer a new service in record time that definitely changes the way it interacts with students. The new voice service of CEU supports the future digital strategy of the University, which is striving to present a completely new way for students to get involved with student life.

Similarly, the CEU Cardenal Herrera University has its sights set on the future and plans to use the services and tools of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning of Amazon Web Services, in order to identify certain patterns in interactions of students with Ask CEU and, in this way, improve and perfect this voice service.

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