Carmen Barbieri moved everyone with a sweet confession about Santiago Bal: "The other day he told me …"


        The media revealed the words of his ex-husband in one of his visits.        </p><div>

Santiago Bal and Carmen Barbieri were one of the most beloved couples in the show. Although they separated they have an excellent relationship and there is still love between them. Proof of this was the sweet and touching confession of the capochromic in PH We can talk. There Carmen He talked about his ex-husband's health and surprised everyone by telling what he said on his last visit.

It should be noted that Santiago is admitted to the ACLA comprehensive rehabilitation clinic, where he was transferred after recovering from pneumonia at the High Complexity Medical Institute (IMAC). The prominent humorist fights against a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for years, but at 83 years his health is more affected.

At first, the famous humorist He said: “Santiago is not well. It is not serious but it is very delicate and weak. He dies to death. It has 18 cancer operations. He beat him many times and got ahead. As his son Federico says: "He is a bull." Then she was moved: "But this time she plays against her age, 83 years."

He plays against a body that, as I say, is ‘Chernobyl’. It's a body
which is like a puzzle: he is missing a kidney, he has COPD and was with a
pneumonia and got ahead, ”he detailed. “Now, when I leave here, though
it's late let me in and I'll see it. Do you know why I am going? Because when it opens
his eyes and he sees me and Federico feels calmer, ”he said.

“Although he does not speak, he does not eat… he has many problems. Fede tells me: ‘I might live. It's not life, mom, but leave it because he's fighting. ” The media. “When he sees me he raises his arms because he was told that he has to exercise. He doesn't speak, but he makes himself understood, ”he explained The exvedette.

He launched a confession that moved Andy Kusnetzoff and the rest of the guests.
“The other day he said two words, and said:‘ I love you ’. Was the nurse there and
I wonder: chó Did you hear that he said I love you? ’,” he revealed. “And I said:‘ Do you
did you say i love you Now you tell me that you are lying in bed and you are not used to
nothing?'. I always with black humor, ”he continued.

"We are going to do one thing: the other one that takes care of you comes 15 days and you give me a rest, because I can't do more," I say. All with humor so that he laughs a little ”, he completed Barbieri. And he concluded: “I took it to my house, it was two months, but then it got worse. That is why it is now in ACLA where Sergio Denis is. I am sure that he will be able to eat and drink liquids. ”


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