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The Venezuelans who need to use their expired passports for travel or paperwork in Canada will be able do it from now on, well the canadian government recognized the decree issued by the National Assembly of Venezuela on June 7.

According to a press release published on Monday, those who have expired Venezuelan passports that want so much travel like doing paperwork within Canadian territory they can use them without any problem, as long as It has expired in the last five years.

They may also use those passports that are coming to expire.

Among the procedures that may be carried out with expired passports are:

  • Obtain or expand your temporary situation in Canada as:
  • Apply for:

Of course, those who wish to travel to this country should meet the other requirements commonly requested by the government.

This means that applicants who have expired Venezuelan passport or about to expire must continue submitting your requests through the normal procedure established in the application guide, unless otherwise indicated on the website of the Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada, in which case they may have to do Additional paperwork


Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Immigration Minister said that “Canada remains deeply concerned about the worsening of Venezuela's political and economic situation. The impossibility of renewing expired passports has imposed important challenges on Venezuelans, which were highlighted by members of the Venezuelan community. ”

Through the statement, Minister Hussen added that “Our government will continue with Canada's commitment of supporting the people of Venezuela. ”

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