Cagnes-sur-Mer: the body of a woman found under a pile of rubbish, his companion arrested


HOMICIDE – The body of a woman was found on a parking lot in Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes) Saturday, August 31, hidden under a pile of rubbish. A homicide investigation was opened by the Grasse public prosecutor's office. The companion of the young woman was arrested.

The lifeless body of a woman was discovered Saturday, August 31 by passers-by on a parking lot of Cagnes-sur-Mer (Alpes-Maritimes). Seeing a foot protruding from a pile of garbage, the residents "immediately called the fire department," a police source told AFP. They discovered the body of this woman. The hypothesis of a feminicide is the most plausible. The companion of the young woman was arrested.

Born in 1993, this young man, presented as the boyfriend of the victim, was placed in custody in the premises of the Departmental Security in Nice, said the prosecutor, confirming information from France Bleu Azur. "The person arrested seems to match the images of video surveillance cameras of the city on which we see him arguing with the victim," says Grasse's prosecutor's office.

The interpellation took place thanks to overlaps between the exploitation of CCTV images, thanks to which the investigators went back to his home, and various testimonies. Witnesses in particular heard the victim say to his attacker during the argument, "I'm leaving you".

Blows that make it "unrecognizable".

The night before this discovery, the police received a call signaling a "marital dispute" in a neighborhood street where the body was found. Nothing abnormal was then found by the patrol arrived on the scene, according to this same source. No link has yet been established between the two. The prosecutor's office of Grasse opened an investigation for homicide, entrusted to the Departmental Security.

The victim, aged 21, has not yet been formally identified by her father who reported his disappearance, because of the blows to his face that make it "unrecognizable".

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