Boris Johnson's alley: deputies threaten to take him to justice if he doesn't ask for a postponement of Brexit – 09/07/2019


It was not a quiet Saturday in Britain. Amid protests across the country asking for his resignation, the prime minister Boris johnson has decided to challenge the new law to prevent an exit without agreement of the European Union rather than asking Brussels for a delay of three months to continue negotiating, as that legislation requires. Parliamentarians threaten to send Boris to justice and even to prison, if he does not demand the extension that the law imposes.

Those 3 months of extension to continue the negotiations were checked by the British deputies with the European negotiators and will be granted by the EU. Nobody rules out a second referendum to get out of this impossible block.

The British prime minister said that he will not take to Brussels the instructions of the Parliament of an extension of the article 50 – the clause of the European Treaty that allows the exit of one of the Member States -, in a law that will be promulgated on Monday, When you get real consent.

You will violate the law and continue with your strategy to continue with Brexit, with a request for early elections in Parliament on Monday. He informed the conservative legislators in a letter. They responded that they will take the prime minister and his decision to the British courts, in another judicialization of the European exit.

Lord MacDonald, senior public prosecutor between 2003 and 2006, warned him that "Boris can go to prison" if he refuses to delay Brexit in the face of legal action.

Like last Saturday, thousands of people protested again in London against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. / EFE

Like last Saturday, thousands of people protested again in London against Prime Minister Boris Johnson. / EFE

"A rejection of what will be considered a contempt of court ends the person in prison," said Lord MacDoand because a prime minister is not above the laws of the kingdom. It is "a convention" that people who refuse to "purge this contempt" be sent to prison.

The court may require a public official other than the prime minister to write the letter to Brussels, requesting the extension of the negotiation period for three months, to comply with the legislation.

Dominic Grieve, the former crown attorney and one of the 21 conservative deputies Boris cast this week for supporting the law and calling for extension, denounced Saturday that "Boris behaves like a spoiled child having a tantrum." "If he refuses to obey the law, he will be sent to prison for contempt," he warned, in an interview on Sky News.

In addition to his request for elections that will be rejected on Monday in the House of Commons, Boris may face another drama: that public officials or British Mandarins, who lead the day-to-day government, refuse to cooperate with a prime minister He is breaking the law.

“I will not accept it. I don't want a delay, ”Boris Johnson told reporters, before leaving Friday to spend a day with Queen Elizabeth at the Balmoral palace, where he was only 16 hours because of the crisis.

The legal action will be in the hands of conservative legislators dismissed by Boris. David Gauke, one of them, has already written to the attorney general asking and demanding confirmation of whether the government believes in British legislation.

Boris ran out of strategy and caught. He is required by his ministers "to have a plan B or to abandon this blow of Brexit". They warn him that he will create "a dangerous precedent" if he ignores the law they just passed.

Some protesters clashed with police during the anti Brexit protests this Saturday in London. / AFP

Some protesters clashed with police during the anti Brexit protests this Saturday in London. / AFP

Those close to Maoist Dominc Cummings, his chief strategy officer, warn that next week will be "a chaos worse than the last." Boris could resign. But first form an alliance with Nigel Farage, of the Brexit party, to try to win the election or the conservative party will disappear. His peers want to force him to apologize to the deputies he cast and reinstate them.

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Monday will be another historic day in the kingdom. Boris will ask in a motion for an election for October 15. A pact of all parties will prevent it. Parliament must officially be suspended on Thursday. He does not give the prime minister time for alternative options.

Labor can call a vote of confidence but even Boris can also call it. If you lose it, you have 14 days to form a new government and one of the possibilities is for a national unity government to be formed. Or that the premier is the Labor Jeremy Corbyn, elected without choice, as Boris or Gordon Brown. But Boris can pressure and suspend Parliament and prevent the vote of confidence.

If you don't comply with the law, you can go to jail. Boris said that before a delay he prefers to "fall dead in a ditch." A promise for the ultra brexitiers. Another of his options is to resign and first appoint a successor, who should call a vote of confidence and is likely to end up in a general election, which Boris plans to win. Your strategy? Choice or election at any cost. It has no other way.

Meanwhile, internal fights are becoming clearer. This Saturday The Minister in charge of Labor and Retirements resigned, Amber Rudd, at odds with Boris Johnson's strategy on Brexit.

"I cannot stay when good, loyal moderate conservatives are excluded," the minister and deputy said in a statement, referring to the exclusion of the Conservative Party from 21 deputies who voted this week with the opposition the proposed law aimed at avoiding a Brexit without agreement. Other ministers could take the same path.

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The mystery is how the electorate will react to this endless psychodrama. People in Britain are terrified of their future, the value of their homes, their employment, the payment of their mortgage loans, their health and the supply or not of medication. They can't stand to live in this limbo.

According to the surveys of the conservative tabloid The Daily Mail, the intention of voting for an election before October 31 gives the triumph to the conservatives by 37 percent, followed by 30 percent for Labor and 9 percent for the Brexit party. If it is later, 28 percent is for conservatives and Labor and the Brexit party grows to 18 percent. But 40 percent consider Boris Johnson's performance as "prime minister" and 41 percent believe he "should resign" if Britain does not leave Europe on October 31.

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