"Bobadilla does better with teams that don't fight titles"


The exporter and captain of Independiente Medellín, Aldo Bobadilla, champion of the 2009 League, returns to the country this time to lead the team after Alexis Mendoza leaves.

Radio Múnera, half of Antioquia, has made special follow-up on the arrival of the Paraguayan coach who comes from directing the National in his country.

According to this media, they contacted Paraguayan journalists to learn a little about Bobadilla's playing style, now as a coach.

«Aldo Bobadilla does better with teams that don't fight the title. Play with three front-line flyers, five in total in the middle, a single point. To the counterattack and to the error of the rival ”, commented.

Likewise, Víctor Villalba of Radio Continental of Paraguay, described Bobadilla as "an interesting coach, of which he has more projection in Paraguay."

Aldo Bobadilla, the coach, is known to have a strong character, who is serious and has no contemplation with the "figures" and therefore "that ended up causing internal problems" in the teams he directed.

In addition to Nacional, Bobadilla has directed in his country about eight clubs, including Libertad, General Díaz and Olimpia, of the most important ‘Guaraní’ clubs.

Those who know him closely, like his former partner Roberto Carlos Cortés, say that Aldo will come with ‘hard hand’. «Bobadilla is a very professional person. He has a very low mood. It will be the one that will tighten the nuts, ”he told Radio Múnera.

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