Bitcoin (BTC) will reach a record high before the next half


The crypto market has shown a lot of volatility lately, but this did not prevent investors from being interested in entering the crypto space.

In addition, many positive forecasts have been made about the prices of digital assets.

Optimistic predictions about encryption continue and this time Bitcoin is in the spotlight.

According to reports, Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high before the next half

The Daily Hodl has just reported that a popular technical and fundamental cryptographic analyst at TradingView said it believes Bitcoin will reach a new all-time high before the next half reaches us in May next year.

The analyst known in the industry as FilbFilb, cited the relationship of stocks to Bitcoin flow as a key indicator to map the future of BTC with respect to price.

“Assuming that there is no systemic shock or through a strong application of the regulations or a global recession, I believe that we will see a continuation of what has been observed to date; Bitcoin will move through its next cycle at a faster rate than we have seen before, ”he said.

BTC will reach around $ 100k in 2020

He continued and explained that «I hope Bitcoin will break historical highs for the first time before halving. The Stock to flow model that I analyzed last week, which I have illustrated in the graph and I recommend that you review it (see @ 100trillionUSD on Twitter) implies that Bitcoin will be worth around $ 100k as of May 2020 «.

In conclusion, he said that so far it had been the best valuation model for Bitcoin.

In other news, experts have been analyzing whether Bitcoin can stay above the $ 10k psychological level.

Before BTC could exceed this level, encryption analysts said that when encryption can achieve this, the result would increase FOMO.

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