Benayada surprise, a first for Chetti, return of Ferhat and Benrahma


After a long and exhausting wait, the wide public Greens finally had what he expected, Djamel Belmadi has finally announced the list of 23 for the course of September, a list not too different from the one who honored the flag in Egypt this summer, since the coach has chosen to reunite the same group or almost.

4 changes have been made to the list, 4 absences replaced by 4 players, but no big surprise except this unexpected summons this month from Benayada the powerful right side of the CSC, he comes to replace Zeffane who has not managed to find an early club in this transfer window to play and get ready for this course.

Chetti, the opportunity or never

The other novelty on the list is none other than the former left-back of JSK Lyès Chetti, recently transferred to the EST where he quickly found his marks in this club, so he is naturally called in reinforcement, especially after the injury of Farès in full preparation with Spal.

The child of Annaba will try to take advantage of this opportunity fully, it must be said that Belmadi knows him very well for having already seen him at work last December during the training camp and the match against Qatar, he was expected to 'join the ranks of the EN since last March, but he had gone through a slump, he returned 9 months later with the objective: take advantage of the absence of Farès to steal his place, a challenge well within his reach , especially since in this post, the dice have not yet been thrown, Bensebaïni has made a good CAN, but it is far from having guaranteed its place, what to say of a Farès very feverish against Tanzania, the ball is in the Esperantist camp.

Ferhat, efforts rewarded

24 hours after his first goal in Ligue 1, Ferhat sees his name reappear finally in selection.

Since Madjer, Ferhat has not set foot in selection, he was not unfairly dismissed because his case was explained many times by the coach who found that he had a lot of competition in his favorite post, and after years in France and more experience, the player has learned to play both in offensive and defensive roles, that's why he comes back as a substitute for Boudaoui, close to becoming a new Nice OGC player.

Benrahma from 5-July to 5-July

The absence of Ounas, who has just honored his first meeting with Nice yesterday, will give the chance to another player who is said much good.

Indeed, Benrahma, since it is him that it is, returns 4 years later to take part in this stage, he takes advantage of a situation, and will be able to repress a lawn, the only one that he knew here in the country, namely that of 5-July, he surely remembers the match won against … Senegal (1-0) with Gourcuff, he had played a few minutes and did not experience any other atmosphere than the mythical stadium Algiers Olympic, he will have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, he will discover Tchaker against Benin and try to convince Belmadi to continue to follow him in the future.

By appealing to new players, Belmadi again establishes the competition, no player has definitively guaranteed his place, it is the message that seems to want to pass the driver of the Fennecs, we will see what he will do new 'to come up.

  1. MY.


Azzeddine Doukha
Raïs Mbolhi
Alexandre Oukidja


Djamel Benlamri
Mehdi Tahrat
Rafik Halliche
Aissa Mandi
Houcine Benayada
Ramy Bensebaïni
Youcef Atal
Lyes Chetti

Environments :

Adlène Guedioura
Ismaël Bennacer
Mehdi Abeid
Sofiane Feghouli
Zineddine Ferhat
Yacine Brahimi
Riyad Mahrez
Youcef Belaïli
Saïd Benrahma


Baghdad Bounedjah
Islam Slimani
Andy Delort

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