BCRA Reserves: Macri lost in one day what Maduro took six months


In both this Tuesday, In a single day, the reserves of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) fell 995 million dollars. Almost the same as the decline of the Venezuelan coffers so far this year.

In August alone, BCRA reserves fell more than $ 13.8 billion, the month with the largest drop in reserves since 1991.

For its part Venezuela was forced to begin liquidating its gold reserves amid the sanctions imposed unilaterally by the government of Donald Trump in its attempt to force a change of government in a country with huge oil resources that has been plunged into a deep economic, social and institutional crisis.

Argentina even received in the last year almost 45 billion dollars from the IMF that served to finance a capital flight of 36,640 million dollars. It is estimated that 8 out of every 10 dollars that arrived in Argentina from the agreement with the IMF began to swell the persistent capital flight that marked the Macri era.

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