Basketball World Cup: Argentina beat Russia with input from Fjellerup


04 | 09 | 19 11:57 hs.

Three of three. Argentina finished the 1st phase with 100% of triumphs in the Basketball World Cup after a very hard and fought match against Russia at Wuhan headquarters. Campazzo, with 21 goals, 6 rebounds and 6 assists was a figure, like the 15 steals (and 20 losses he generated) of a team that is still on track with good feelings and won 69-61. Tresarroyense Maxi Fjellerup had 12 minutes on the court, in which he converted two points, added a steal and lowered two defensive rebounds.

The match was key because for the 2nd round that starts this Friday, the classifieds drag the points achieved in the initial round. In addition, because in this tournament there are 16 places available to the Olympic Games. As for the American countries, two are put into play for those who best finish the contest. In that sense, the United States, Brazil and the Dominican Republic (all three play this Thursday) add two victories and appear to be the rivals of the National Team.

This third national presentation was quickly presented as a defensive struggle. The two teams missed their first four offensives. And while the team started 6-0, the Russians settled better to close with 17-12.

In the second, Argentina was more aggressive in defense and, with six steals, started 15-0 before the incredulous look of the towers of Russia, team that wins in height but, with mobility and pressure, the Argentines played with more height in the result. Scola's 10 goals helped the PT close 39-33 in favor.

The third was even better, thanks to the key appearance of Delía, a national pivot of 2.11 meters, a player of the Mexican Royal Regia del Monterrey, who contributed 8 points. In a game without ease for attacks, that figure was essential for the team to go quietly to wait for the last boy: 53-40.

Naturally it was not negotiation for Russia, which saw how the game escaped. Sergey Bazarevich hit a couple of shouts and his leaders started more plugged in. He coincided with a national run, which forced Sergio Hernández to ask for a minute with just 1m27s on the clock after a partial 5-0 of the rival. The lack of defense (especially Garino) was the reason for Sheep's anger.

The story did not change: Russia led its run to 11-0 in 2m58s before the two free of Campazzo (55-51). From that moment, each ball weighed ten kilos and the offensives were gold. The Russians were put to two (57-55) and they could even come forward several times, but Garino, back on the court, returned to be key in defense and generated three fundamental recoveries. Two fouls to him, allowed him to nail two free and stretch to 62-57 when 2m36s were missing. Ufff …

The end, as the party commanded, was agonizing. Failure here, loss there, Argentina kept the gap until Andrei Sopin packed it to put his team to two, 61-63, in the absence of 37s. However, Campazzo scored four points for the soul to return to the body. 69-61. End. (Olé and LA VOZ DEL PUEBLO)

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