Basketball World Cup 2019: Gregg Popovich worried: "We are not as we want, but we try" | Spain


The United States was on the verge of failure in its second first phase encounter. The alarms went off, because Turkey had at its fingertips to take the victory and surprise, but fate prevented the balls from entering from the free throw line. An extension that caused the Americans to hold their breath during an endless end and that ended with an in-extremis victory.

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The victory of the team trained by Gregg Popovich evidenced the shortcomings of the team and the losses that it has accumulated throughout the summer have been noticed especially against a Turkey that never threw in the towel.

"We will accept the victory, but anyone could have won", commented the veteran press conference technician once the contest ended. And, this triumph of the United States is the tightest in result in a World Cup since 1990 when they beat Australia 79 to 78.

"The team we played against tonight again showed us experience and the improvements we have to make, in terms of execution. We are not as we want, but we keep trying "said Popovich.

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The US national team must face its problems of fluency and play against Japan in the last match of the first phase. For the second phase, the Americans will play Brazil and the winner of Greece against New Zealand.

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